Chrome & Carbon Chevy Camaro Guyver Widebody Kit

Chrome & Carbon Chevy Camaro Guyver Widebody Kit

The custom tuners from Chrome & Carbon in Dubai have sent us these images of their Chevy Camaro widebody kit called the Guyver. Why is it called the Guyver? The name is from an older Japanese anime series where the characters transformed into robotic warriors. This sports car definitely looks like it could have been in the movie Transformers while the widebody kit is priced at 18,000 USD or 13,500 EURO and will hold plenty of carbon fiber as expected from a company named Chrome and Carbon.

Included in the Chevrolet Camaro kit is a new front bumper with daytime running LED lights, a front splitter, upper and lower front grille, new hood with large scoops, wider fenders, side skirts, new rear bumper, diffuser, rear splitter, spoiler and taillight trim. While this is currently only available in Dubai, we are sure that other countries will be able to get their hands on some of the parts if necessary. Final modifications to the extensive Chevy Camaro widebody styling consist of Chrome & Carbon forged wheels wrapped in high performance tires and new exhaust tips to fit the rear bumper outlets.

Chrome & Carbon Chevy Camaro Guyver Widebody Kit

Chrome & Carbon Chevy Camaro Guyver Pictures

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2 Responses to “Chrome & Carbon Chevy Camaro Guyver Widebody Kit”

  1. ernest says:

    i have a 2012 camaro. black with orange stripes and i was wondering if that guyver kit would fit my camaro and how much would it cost to get it put on my car

  2. Fancy Tuning says:

    Hi, the tuners at Chrome and Carbon are in the middle east, if you are interested in their kit contact them at:

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