Liberty Walk’s latest project is a Lamborghini Aventador that has been outfitted with the company’s latest GT EVO bodykit. The third bodykit that Liberty Walk will offer for the Aventador before Lamborghini retires this supercar is a tuning kit specially designed to give this mid-engined supercar an even more aggressive look.

With just 20 examples made, you’ll be able capture one before they’re gone forever!

Liberty Walk’s new Lamborghini Aventador 2

The kit transforms the look of your Aventador from sleek to spotlight-grabbing in seconds! The front bumper features revised air intakes and a lowered splitter, while also incorporating flare gated wheels that are sure not only increase airflow but give you an intimidating shout out on roadways.

The high performance parts offered by this company will have people looking twice at what may have been otherwise just another Lambo sitting behind their typical tinted windows – until now…

Liberty Walk’s new Lamborghini Aventador 3

The car is a real show-stopper when viewed from the side. Joining its flared front wheel arches are extended rear wheels and skirts, which also feature an ornate design on them for this particular Aventador.

The towering wing sitting atop these supports makes sure that you can’t miss it even if your eyes were closed! Fortunately though they’re not black with white finishes like those found in Formula One; instead we see matte finishes – giving off much more menacing looks.

Liberty Walk’s new Lamborghini Aventador 4

The Aventador GT EVO’s rear is bananas and features an extremely cool-looking diffuser design. To make sure that the car looks good from every angle, there are also some black decals stuck on top of its yellow paint job!

The most expensive bodykit from Liberty Walk is made entirely from carbon fiber and costs as much $187,000 but Aventador owners can get it for just under a hundred quid when made out plastic.

Liberty Walk’s new Lamborghini Aventador 7