No one can say they aren’t impressed by this luxurious, high-performance SUV. Performmaster dubbed their modified G63 the ‘G805’ and started off work by developing a striking widebody kit that is sure to turn heads on any street!

The G805 looks like a high-performance SUV now, with many carbon fiber upgrades. The hood has large air intakes and sports an exciting new look as well.

Mercedes-Benz G805 Performmaster 2

Other changes include running boards that light up when you press the button on them to make entry easier at night, a roof-mounted spoiler which really helps this vehicle corner properly by acting like wings and providing stability while driving around corners – all just waiting patiently behind this gorgeous exterior look.

Inside, the G-Class’ interior has been given an elegant and luxurious makeover with the addition of Alcantara material as well as leather trimmings.

Mercedes-Benz G805 Performmaster 3

The G805 is now the proud owner of 805 ponies and 752 lb-ft (1,000 Nm) torque. This means that this SUV not only has more power than before but also does so with significantly less fuel consumption!

What else can I say? The tuner quotes a 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) time of 3.69 seconds and top speed 260km/h!

Mercedes-Benz G805 Performmaster 5

Performmaster is known for providing high-quality products and service. All of their upgraded parts are TÜV approved, ensuring they will be safe with your vehicle’s durability in mind!

Mercedes-Benz G805 Performmaster 10