The new Kuhl Racing body kit for the second-generation Subaru BRZ is less wild than its predecessor, but it’s still an angry looking beast.

The mods made to this particular BRZ start at the front where you will find an extended splitter. The car also sports new side skirts, complementing what is already one of its most prominent features and simply attaching them onto your standard skirts for good measure!

Kuhl Racing Subaru BRZ 2

With help from Kuhl Racing, the rear end of your BRZ is now sleek and stylish. Thanks to their patented diffuser design that easily bolts onto Subaru’s factory bumper you’ll have an eye-catching look, while also being able to enjoy smokey tailpipes!

The exterior of this beauty is complemented by a lowered suspension system and 19-inch wheels wrapped in Falken tires. Inside the car you’ll find Pioneer infotainment systems and Kuhl Racing floor mats that are made for comfort as good looks.

Kuhl Racing Subaru BRZ 3

Interested in purchasing the 2022 Subaru BRZ package? You can get it for under $4,500. Production has yet to begin and shipping won’t start until sometime this year – but if you’re ready to make your purchase now you might even get a discounted rate!

Kuhl Racing Subaru BRZ 4