Chrome Lamborghini Aventador, Dodge Viper ACR and Batmobile Replica in New York

The people of New York along with all the tourists that frequently roam the streets were in for a treat the other day. On a trip through Times Square people spotted some rare cars and even a Batmobile replica. This comes shortly after the Colorado shooting for the new Dark Knight film which we are very sorry for the event that occurred that evening. Meanwhile, spectators in New York were able to feast their eyes on a new Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 that was wrapped in chrome and is most likely the first of its kind.

Best Supercar Sounds at the 2012 Top Marques in Monaco

The Top Marques in Monaco, one of the premier places to see the rich and famous bring their toys out for play. We have some of the best supercar sounds at the Top Marques, courtesy of YouTube user Nick who goes by NM2255 on the site. Jump past the first two minutes and you will see some of the most exotic sports cars from around the world revving the engines.

Gymkhana FIVE: Ultimate Urban Playground; San Francisco

Ken Block and DC Shoes have just released the Gymkhana FIVE: Ultimate Urban Playground; San Francisco for our viewing pleasure. If you haven’t watched the previous four Gymkhana videos, then wake up and check out the links below! GYM5 was based in the streets of San Francisco and consists of fast precise driving skills caught on raw video. Ken Block turned the whole city into his personal playground as you can see they completely shut down the entire Bay Bridge for him to drive through. Several large parts of the city were shut down for this epic four day filming.

Best 2012 Super Bowl Car Commercials

While millions of people anxiously await the 2012 Super Bowl between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots, we have gathered all the best Super Bowl car commercials for the time being. The largest car manufacturers have to get their ad spot for the game, because many people focus on the commercials more than the game itself. Last year we saw some great advertisements, but each year keeps getting better, so check out the best Super Bowl car commercials after the jump.

Vorsteiner Bentley Continental GT BR-10 Kit

After announcing plans to construct the Bentley Continental GT BR-10 kit, Vorsteiner has now released the complete pictures and a video of what the car will look like when completed. The teaser pics had us wanting more, and now we can see that Vorsteiner came through with more aesthetically pleasing aftermarket parts. Included in this Bentley Continental GT BR-10 package is a new carbon fiber body kit with new front spoiler, re-designed side skirts, and carbon fiber diffuser that fits perfectly with the stock bumper.

2011 LA Auto Show: Tuner Videos

The one section of the 2011 LA Auto Show that did not receive the attention it deserved was the tuner and aftermarket parts section. Some of the nicest cars attending the show were hiding in this backroom with the works of Platinum Motorsport, RTW Motoring, and Al & Ed’s Autosound. Starting off with Platinum Motorsport, they had some very expensive rides as you can see in the video above. Just to name a few, we were able to capture video of the Rolls-Royce, Porsche 911, all new Lamborghini Aventador, Kim Kardashian’s Ferrari, a few Mercedes, and even a Bugatti Veyron. Hit the jump to see the sleek cars from RTW Motoring, and the ground shaking trunks from Al & Ed’s Autosound.

Jet Powered Speed Racing Video by Degree

Here is our video of the month featuring Bear Grylls and brought to us by the Degree Men Adrenaline Lab. This unique video covers the jet powered speed racing world and mad man himself, Paul Stender. He owns several of these jet powered cars and it is his passion. The school bus you see here has over 42,000 HORSEPOWER. Yes that horsepower number is correct, and equal to around 247 average cars. Waste of fuel you say? Definitely, but the speeds that you can obtain on the ground in these jet powered cars is insane. How fast you ask?