Gymkhana FOUR Video

Gymkhana FOUR

Ken Block and his tuned Ford Fiesta along with DC Shoes have teamed up once again to present the new video for Gymkhana FOUR, which is definitely 4 the win! After the previous three were such a hit, it was going to be tough to make the Gymkhana FOUR different from the rest. However, they succeeded with the help of director Ben Conrad using pyrotechnics, crazy stunts, and insane tricks in the fourth installment. A cameo from the Epic Meal Time guys is also seen about halfway through and at the end. Bringing it all together are memories from Jaws, Back to the Future, Zombieland, and Slumdog Millionaire. Did we forget to mention the gorillas and Segways also in Gymkhana FOUR?

Below you will see the Gymkhana FOUR video from youtube, where the cool kids recorded over nine minutes of car hoonage by tearing up the streets. Not only is the Ford Fiesta rallycross racecar super fast, you can tell the acceleration is instant once Ken Block steps on the pedal when drifting around corners. While Gymkhana FOUR could be considered a video infomercial for DC Shoes, they are calling it The Hollywood Megamercial! They took it to a new level with all the hoon activities and ridiculous auto capturing camera setups strapped to the cars. There are surely some crazy camera angles and amazing special effects seen in the Gymkhana 4, and this is the one Gymkhana you don’t want to miss.

Gymkhana FOUR Video

Gymkhana FOUR Photos

DC Shoes Announces Gymkhana FOUR

Back on July 26, 2011 in Huntington Beach, California. DC and Ken Block are proud to announce that production has begun on another gymkhana video project titled, Gymkhana FOUR. Fans can expect all of the driving precision, speed, and tire smoke that Ken has become known for to be taken to a whole new level with his latest project, set to be released in late Summer 2011. To chronicle the making and upcoming release, DC is launching a Gymkhana FOUR web page today at: . Fans of the DC x Ken Block Gymkhana video franchise can check the website to see exclusive photos and news leading up to the release of Gymkhana FOUR.

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