Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Wide Body Kit Conversion

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Wide Body Kit Conversion

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Wide Body Kit Conversion

A killer wide body kit conversion has been made for the Chevrolet Corvette, from the tuners at ZR1 Body Kits. The Chevy Corvette already looks great from the factory, but this look has been inspired by the C6.R Corvette racing cars, featuring an aggressive stance and exterior styling. It is available in two varieties, the more aggressive called the Extreme Style ZR1 for the C6 Z06 Grand Sport retails for $7,599, while the tuning firm also offers the mild OEM-style ZR1 body kit for $6,999. Both of these performance packages are made from fiberglass using compression molds, and is similar to what the GM OEM manufacturers use for their body panels, while keeping the factory mounting points.

This Chevrolet Corvette ZR6X Extreme body kit widens the car 1.5 inches when compared to the OEM ZR1 fenders, giving plenty of room for new wheels and rubber. For customers looking to spend a little extra and make their Vette even more unique, ZR1 Body Kits offers a carbon fiber option for the front lip, side skirts, and diffusers. The result is one of the best looking Corvettes we’ve seen to date, with a menacing stance, and a flush wheel fitment that almost looks too good to be true!

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16 Responses to “Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Wide Body Kit Conversion”

  1. Günter Hommes says:

    An absolute dreamcar, everything is in good shape and looks good from all sites.
    Wish I could have it. So far, I drive my
    C5, which is also looking good.

    greez günni

  2. j burge says:

    absolutely the best looking Corvette I’ve ever seen. I’ve had two corvettes. and I would give my left U-know what for this one. .Almost..

  3. okello paul says:

    well a just wana send a shout out to BMW designers for the great work they do its execellent

  4. deltatango says:

    Looks ridiculously vulgar. Drive it only if you’re a failed porn star.

  5. botox says:

    Absolute dream car! very good design

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  8. mendel says:

    This is my dream CAr…this is a perfect design….. Can i have it one? =)

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  11. dparks says:

    Don’t forget the gold chains, spray-on tan, satin shirt, and hair plugs that go with this. LOL!!

  12. Easton Ryan says:

    Damn… I’m a die hard Chevy guy and love Vette’s, gotta say this is my favorite I’ve ever seen. Very clean, in fact I don’t see anything about the car I don’t like. Sick work guys

  13. Alex Harding says:

    W…O…W NICE perfect vette nuff said

  14. rickey Shaffer says:

    does anybody know what kind of wheels are on this car?

  15. nick says:


  16. Fancy Tuning says:


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