Cars and Girls: Two of the best things on earth

Cars and Girls: Two of the best things on earth

Here is a photo shoot from the well-known Ronnie Renaldi including a red Ferrari F430 Spyder and his stunning model Jenna. This was held for the colleagues at SecretEntourage, who were proud of the results and ended up with some of the best Ferrari pictures I’ve seen to date. Posting the performance numbers and specifications seems a bit useless, since most of you will be drooling over two of the best things on earth, sports cars and girls. Check out the full lineup of pics after the jump.

[Source: gtspirit]

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13 Responses to “Cars and Girls: Two of the best things on earth”

  1. Truck Accessories says:

    Yeo I gotta say Cars and girls go hand in hand.. Nice photos.

  2. justin says:

    i love these photos….and yes hot babes and suped up cars, cant get any better then that

  3. raj says:

    excellent, beauty, send me more hot & nacked pose

  4. johny says:

    nice pics! I like it at all !

  5. choose one! can you???

  6. pappu says:

    changing colours of a car makes it beautiful same is the case with girls, paint the woman with cosmetic colours, it reduces the age and becomes beautiful girl. How is it?

  7. david says:

    sexy babes up there !!!

  8. nafis says:

    who is that girl?????

  9. Dyson Medic says:

    That girl is smokin’ – Yup, cars and girls!

  10. very nice pictures is also very lively and attractive you look .every one who wanted to congratulate you You look super

  11. jayesh says:

    great photographs.

  12. john says:

    i need hot photographs

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