Detroit Auto Show Car Girls

Show Car Girl

Show Car Girl

Auto shows have always been the place to come check out what motivates you to be successful in life. Whether it be the hot cars or the hot show car girls, there’s something at the car shows that makes you want to do better. If you are already successful, well then the auto show is for you to get ideas about the next car you want to buy. Or for the arrogant to brag about the all the cars they own, including the car a sexy model is standing next to, hoping it will entice her for a date. Anyways, here are the pictures from the lucky guys who were able to attend the Detroit Auto Show to check out the car girls.

It’s too bad we haven’t been able to visit the Detroit car show, but since we keep you updated with the latest car tuning news, a little taste of the car girls is always pleasant. As the Detroit Auto Show comes to an end next week, be sure to check back for the latest in the world of tuned cars and show car girls.

Show Car GirlShow Car GirlsCar Girl

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  1. That was a nice show. See u next year

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