B&B boosts Volkswagen sports car the VW Golf R

B&B Volkswagen VW Golf R

B&B Volkswagen VW Golf R

Well recognized Volkswagen and Audi tuning specialists, B&B, have released their latest performance program for the sporty VW Golf R. Transforming the current Volkswagen Golf R into a hot sports car is mostly performance tuning to the engine bay, with little done to the exterior of the cars styling. This new package from B&B has been developed into 3 separate stages, all with impressive power numbers. Customers can choose to have their Golf R boosted to either 310 hp, 324 hp, or 362 hp. At the highest stage of 362 hp, the B&B VW Golf R is able to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in just 4.8 seconds, and reach a top speed of 280 km/h.

They were able to reach these striking numbers by adding a larger turbocharger, sport exhaust system with custom downpipe, sport catalysts, and a much needed ECU tuning. Additionally, the modified Volkswagen received an aftermarket intake, and revised air cooling system. B&B also offers a special slim-line oil cooling system to keep the oil temperature stable. The stance you see on this VW Golf R is definitely not stock, and the tuners hooked it up with special sport springs to drop the car 30 mm. Topping off the exterior styling are the B&B 5-spoke rims available in either 19, or 20-inch sets.

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B&B Volkswagen VW Golf R 4

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  1. Ich bin ein absoluter Vw Golf Fan und Fahre zurzeit einen Golf 4. ich muss sagen dieser Wagen hier ist ein absoluter Traum.

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