Hurst Performance Dodge Challenger SRT8



Mopar and HEMI car fans around the world will love this all new Competition Plus Dodge Challenger SRT8 model tuned by Hurst Performance. Even though the Dodge Challenger SRT8 falls in the heavy weight division as far as vehicle weight goes, this is the newest package of the Challenger Series one through five, and it meets all expectations. The package is priced at $18,495 and starts out with a Hurst shift kit, pearl white shift knob, plaque of authenticity, K&N high flow air filter, Magnaflow stainless steel performance exhaust, and an adjustable Eibach suspension kit. Performance numbers have yet been released from the car tuning and engine tuning modifications, but we’re expecting at least 572 hp and 528 lb-ft of torque from the Hurst Performance Dodge Challenger SRT8 since the series 4 was able to produce those numbers.

This Dodge Challenger Competition Plus package is available in either blue, white, red, silver, or matte black Hurst Performance decals, complementing the large hood scoop, forged aluminum wheels, rear spoiler, and chrome exhaust tips. Hopefully this package will be completed and released by the end of summer.



[Source: jalopnik]

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3 Responses to “Hurst Performance Dodge Challenger SRT8”

  1. Carz says:

    SRT8 rocks! This is awesome! Definitely interesting and impressive…I’m sure many would love this new Dodge.

  2. tut says:

    your kidding right 18000 to change the filter an exhaust an gain 100 horse

  3. Greg says:

    it is ridiculous what some people pay these tuning companies, which are usually simple mods

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