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The new Honda Insight has a lot of elements that make it look like the small Toyota Prius and Mugen decided to eliminate any semblance with the tiny hybrid from Toyota and they changed the car’s design and tweaked the its performances to create a sporty Insight. The designers from Mugen made an aerodynamic body kit that makes the car really aggressive and no one would think that this Honda is actually a hybrid. They installed a new front grille and front spoiler lip, fog lambs, wide side skits, ventilated visors, a rear spoiler skirt with integrated difuser and a new rear wing. The car’s design is completed with a set of 15″ or 16″ aluminum XJ or NR 8 spoke wheels. Mugen claims that their new body kit creates zero lift so this kit is perfect when it comes to judge aerodynamics.

Even though they changed the car’s look almost completely the most exciting improvement to this new hybrid from Honda is in the handling department. Mugen installed a sport suspension package which includes new springs and dampers that lower the car’s height with 20mm. They also offer a unique system called iTCMS which will monitor the tire condition and this Honda Insight gained a lot in handling and stability.

The interior of this ride got a new set of Mugen sports mats, aluminum pedals and other elements that make it look like a race car but probably the most unique element installed by the car tuner is the sport silencer exhaust with a triangular exhaust tip that looks a bit odd.


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8 Responses to “Mugen Honda Insight”

  1. ROGER HENG says:


  2. Carz says:

    It’s unique, only Honda can produce such design. It’s not that similar to Toyota Prius at all. Honda Insight is impressive :)

  3. Sean Th. says:

    I am ready to buy the Insight as long as I can get the Mugen kit for it here in the US. Any way to find out if they will make it available in the US

  4. Peter says:

    I was considering the Insight for saving ags but being a car guy if I can get the Mugen Package here in Canada I’ll buy it.

  5. chantelle says:

    iv got the insight in black and really want the mugen kit for it fantastic car no where near as ugly as the toyota prius honda do things so much better

  6. Stuart says:

    Can I assume the mugen kits are available at FirstAuto? (featured at the top of screen

    So far anyone got the body kits? Looks to me available in Japan

  7. Linn says:

    Want to buy.

  8. johnnie says:

    I am also interested in this kit or one like it available in the US

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