Edo Lamborghini Murcielago LP710 Audigier


Edo Competition revealed the fastest Lamborghini ever made in cooperation with Christian Audigier, a designer that almost everyone knows. They will produce only five versions of this car, each of them made to the highest standards combined with unusual color themes by Christian Audigier. Thanks to Audigier’s imagination, the matte black paint of the Edo LP710 has been restyled and he also redesigned the car’s interior. He had a lot of ideas and Marcus Pfeil from Pfeildesign brought Christian’s ideas to life with a great airbrush work. All five Lambos are custom made for each customer and the tuning company could honor any wish their clients will have during production.

The customers won’t get just the world’s fastest Lamborghini but they will also have a completely unique design and each ride will be personally signed by Christian Audigier. The base car is a Murcielago LP 640 which is completely disassembled and all the modifications made to this car take¬† about 3 months. The guys from Edo Competition improved the car’s engine, aerodynamics, wheels, exhaust system and interior. The 5 lucky customers will also have the chance to drive their Lamborghini at the limit at the high speed oval in Papenburg, Germany or at Nardo, Italy. Which is this car’s limit? Well… it could reach a top speed of 360 km/h so driving this car should be thrilling!

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  1. Vinyls are superb. Edo competition succeeded to produce a beauty once again.

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