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AC Schnitzer 2009 BMW 7 Series


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The 2009 BMW 7 Series is one of the most wanted luxury sedans on the market and AC Schnitzer made a special tuning package for this new generation from BMW. Even though they made only subtle visual modifications their BMW is really dynamic and aggressive. The car tuner added a new front bumper with a front lip that gives the car a sportier look and emphasizes the cars wheelbase with the new side skirts. The rear side of the car also received a couple of improvements and now this 7 Series is wider and looks like a muscle car. The car received dual exhaust outlets which make a thrilling sound in a new rear diffuser that looks a bit different than the original.

Customers are always the most important for tuners and AC Schnitzer will modify the car to fit customer’s needs and every buyer could choose from countless 22″ wheel designs to equip their 7 Series.

[Source: AC Schnitzer]

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  1. this car is different and hot, the body kit makes it unique. how much would a kit like this cost me in Barbados.

  2. google search AC Schnitzer and you can contact them directly at their website. I’d guess this kit would cost quite a bit, I’d estimate between 3-5k USD.

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