Here is the latest work released by the British tuners at Prestige Styling, a modified BMW X6 called the X600. This comes to us after Prestige recently launched their original BMW X6 tuning kit in the spring. It features a new front and rear bumper, vented bonnet, side vents, redesigned front spoiler, and additional air intakes. These deliver a more aggressive appearance, while LED daytime running lights were added, along with the original fog lights and PDCs. The BMW X600 keeps the factory upper body lines, however the lower sections have been custom designed to strengthen the look. Remodeled front wheel archers give the SUV additional width, and side skirts extend lower with a stainless steel step plate, while the rear door panel and wheel arches continue to emphasize a wider BMW X6.

At the rear of the BMW X600, Prestige Styling lowered the bumper, installed a diffuser containing a central vent, and incorporated new exhaust outlets in the bumper section. This completes the overall design of the modified BMW SUV, however the tuning firm offers rear exhaust extensions in several style options, and then put together an interior package for the X6. Interior improvements include a full leather re-trim with custom detailing, and Prestige have a few new wheel and tire packages to complete the bespoke BMW X600.

[Source: Prestige Styling]