BMW Civic

When you’ll see this car you’ll definitely say it’s a BMW 5 series because it looks exactly like one. The car’s body kit is exactly the same as a BMW, car’s attitude is also the same but, are you definitely sure that this is a BMW? It’s true, it’s not a regular one. This one has supreme pearlescent color, great rims and fancy tuning but, if you’ll open the hood, you’ll be really confused. The car has a 4 cylinder engine, and there’s written “Honda”. If you’ll look in the interior, it also has a couple of elements from Honda. And now, you’ve solved the mistery. This is a Honda Civic which was supreme tuned by it’s owner, to look as a BMW from the outside, with all elements that a 5-series BMW has. It probably cost him a lot only to buy the body kit, not to mention the other modifications made to this car. The trunk was pimped with light blue neon and 2 big sub woofers that also have spinners on their speakers. In the interior, also, the same blue neon makes the atmosphere nicer and you can see, instead of the regular gauges, 2 LCD Screens that would make driving more relaxing. In the exterior, that pearlescent blue and those great rims will surely impress a lot of people.

Now, my question is: will you consider this car as a BMW? or still.. a Honda Civic?