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Vivid Racing Nissan GT-R receives Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber Body Kit


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Vorsteiner is well known for their aero kits on BMW models, but recently they developed the Ventross body kit for the Nissan GT-R that Vivid Racing installed on a customers car. All of Vorsteiner’s carbon fiber and DVWP bumpers, trunks, and spoilers have amazing looks and styling for your car, along with perfect OEM fitment. Previous write-ups we have from Vorsteiner include the Vorsteiner GTS3 BMW M3 and the Vorsteiner Porsche 997 Turbo. Vivid Racing has installed the Ventross aero kit on this Nissan GT-R with great success, and also offer customizations for several other makes and models that can found at Vivid Racing Tuning. This 2010 pearl white R35 Nissan GT-R received a new front bumper that is much more aggressive, as well as several other parts to distinguish it from the norm.

Featuring a carbon fiber lower lip spoiler that is fitted along the bottom of the car, the front bumper also has unique carbon fiber ducts to allow more air to the engine, oil coolers, and Brembo brakes. In addition to the new front bumper, a newly designed fully functional carbon fiber rear diffuser was added. Going beyond just the body kit, Vivid Racing equipped the Nissan GT-R with HRE M40 monoblock wheels, 5zigen Iconel exhaust, Cobb AccessPort tuning, Eibach springs, Titek carbon vents, and Agency Power catless downpipes. The quality of parts and tuning by Vivid Racing is what really sets this Nissan apart from all the others.

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  1. GT-R looks good in pearl white. Ventross body kit is really interesting…I’m actually excited in checking this car out. Modifications done on this car are great.

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