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Drop Top Customs has taken the Chevy Camaro and done something not many would even consider doing to their car, chop the roof off! The tuning company is based out of Florida, under Convertible Builders LLC, and they do some of the most interesting modifications I’ve ever seen. Taking several different models, they turn each into a convertible soft-top with extensive custom work and structural reinforcements. Some other models they have converted to convertibles include the Dodge Challenger, Cadillac CTS, and the Chrysler 300C. This 2010 Chevrolet Camaro will be revealed at the SEMA Auto Show, and should be the center of attention with this customization.

The owner, Jeff Moran established the company as Coachbuilders Limited in 1976 and the low-volume soft-top business has been a success ever since. Chevy was planning to make a convertible Camaro from the factory, however it is at least 18 months away since GM has put the build officially on hold. Jeff Moran doesn’t believe that is would be a “sound business move for GM to take on a project that has greater potential to lose money than to be profitable.” To have your Camaro converted by Drop Top Customs it will cost you 18,000 USD, and they have already started taking orders. Visit their Facebook page or website directly to follow all of their progress and custom builds.

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  1. hehehe nice Chevy Camaro! It looks impressive, Drop Top Customs is a genius! A convertible is just what Camaro needs for variety 🙂

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