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Car tuning specialists Ventross, have released their Nissan GT-R R35 Skyline package using ideas from their parent company Vorsteiner. The tuners developed a new body kit, and in the front, large carbon fiber air intakes were added throughout to increase airflow to the radiators and brakes. A solid front lip was installed that gives the appearance of a lower than normal Nissan GT-R, and all parts included in the front fascia are made using Vorsteiner’s dry carbon fiber vacuum technology. This new technology allows their company to maximize the overall strength of the carbon fiber, while at the same time reducing the weight more than the average carbon fiber piece.

Replacing the stock rear lip, Ventross added their carbon fiber diffuser which consists of 3 fins and heat extraction air vents to cool the exhaust system. Vorsteiner’s dry carbon fiber vacuum technology is also used to manufacture these diffusers. Since there are going to be a limited number of Nissan GT-R models available, Ventross has elected to make these pieces on a case-by-case basis, meaning they won’t be mass produced. They want to ensure  the best quality and fitment for their customers, so you will have to setup an appointment with them.

[Source: Press Release]

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  1. Will the reduction in weight aid in improving 0-60 times or top speed? I don’t think so. This kit is just for show, for those who don’t want to tweak the stock settings and feel they will always know lesser than the manufacturer and the nissan engineers 😀

  2. Well every extra ounce of weight saved when tuning a car counts. Even that .001 of a second difference counts as winning!

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