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Impul is a Japanese tuning company famous for their complete packages based on popular Japanese cars. Their latest modified car is called Impul 935S, a vehicle based on a Nissan 370Z that received power, aerodynamic and handling upgrades. The new body kit has an aggressive front bumper which gives the car a trademark Impul facelift, new side skirts, rear half bumper and a rear wing to complete the car’s sportive design. The car comes with 19″ Impul Racing Acura SR-08 rims in sizes of 19×8.5 + 21 at the front side and 19×8.5 + 29 on the rear side  equipped with wide tires and it also has a new brake system and a special suspension made by Impul which makes this 370Z handle really well at high speeds.

The car’s engine received a power kit which includes a new hi-power control unit ECU, a power throttle body upgrade and a new exhaust system made by Impul that will add extra HP. Unfortunately, we think this special tuning kit designed by Impul is only available in Japan at the moment.

[Source: 370Z Blog]

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