The Nissan 240sx is without a doubt one of the easiest and most available cars to receive custom work these days. Here is a S13 replica that someone in the states tried to make their 240sx look like the Japan model Sil-Eighty. I’ve had a bit of experience tuning these cars in my younger years, owning both the s13 Nissan and the newer S14 240sx cars, one having the common SR20DET engine swap. When done right, these rear wheel drive sports cars can be a blast to drive, drift, or race while competing against many expensive high end models. For this project, two friends came together to build an almost factory looking S13 Nissan 240sx.

At the exterior, the tuners started out with an all new Dmax Type I body kit, and then swapped the stock 240 front end with a S13 Silvia front end from Japan. Next were the wider fenders from Dmax, a vented hood, GTR grille, and a new paint job. The inside received new black factory carpet, five-point harnesses, and a few tuning pieces like a boost gauge, oil and temp gauges, as well as expensive Sparco Evo seats, and a Formula D spec cage. With the roll cage this car should be eligible for most drifting events, which most Nissan 240 owners build their cars for.

Under the hood is where the justice lies with the stock 2.4-liter KA24DE motor thrown out for the Japanese spec 2.6-liter RB26DETT from the popular Nissan R33 model. Many think the RB swap is much more complicated than the SR swap, but it is becoming more common to see the RB engines in cars these days. Tuning to the engine was essential to get the power numbers they wanted, so several aftermarket parts were added. A custom drive shaft was made, new engine mounts installed, engine wiring harness, intercooler, radiator, downpipe, new intakes, huge 800cc injectors, custom exhaust, GTR Lemans Nismo turbos, and race bearings complete the engine build. The final piece to the puzzle were the KW Clubsport Double Adjustable Coilovers, and lightweight BBS LM GT street wheels measuring 17-inches. At the track the guys swap the wheels with the pricey Rays Engineering Gram Lights rims, which are some of the best tuning wheels available on the market. So there you have it, one badass Nissan 240sx built the right way, but they should have included some engine bay pics!

[Source: topspeed]