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Nicholas TJ.R Amazing Gallery of Nissan GT-R Photos


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Professional photographer Nicholas TJ.R has captured some stunning images of the new Nissan GT-R over the past few years, and this picture above is straight up amazing. The Nissan GT-R you see here features a Wald International Black Bison body kit, consisting of a carbon fiber hood, side skirts, rear fender arches, and a new front bumper with carbon fiber throughout. At the rear is a new Esprit dry carbon fiber wing along with a carbon diffuser underneath. Wald P13F alloy wheels measuring 22-inches are found with their car tuning packages, while they come wrapped in Yokohama Advan tires.

Nicholas really has some skills when taking pictures of all types of cars. You can check out his flickr gallery below to see all kinds of supercars from BMW’s to Porsche’s, to Lamborghini’s. Most of these have been captured with a Canon 5D Mark II 24-105mm + 50mm and Canon 500D 18-55mm + 75-300mm. All of these Nissan GTR photos have my mind blown with the clarity of the images and the use of his lenses. Some final modifications to the original Godzilla pictured include the Wald International lowering springs and a full high performance titanium exhaust from Arqray Japan. Now we just need to blow these up some and make some sick Nissan GT-R wallpapers.

Check out his flickr gallery and facebook fan page for more great pics.

Nissan GT-R Pictures

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