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Rimac Concept_One is the Super Expensive Supercar


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Even though Rimac is a brand new manufacturer trying to make it in supercar industry, it looks like their have their eyes set on one thing. The SUPER wealthy. This Croatian built automobile is currently called the Concept_One after it made a debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show last year. This year, Rimac displayed the electric powered sports car at the Top Marques Monaco and announced the price to be around €750,000 or about US$990,000. We’re not sure how that will fair with the modestly price Fisker Karma at around 100k, which is another fully electric sports car receiving quite the buzz.

One of the perks of spending close to a million dollars on this Rimac Concept_One is that only 88 of these supercars are planned to be built. The most appealing aspect of the Concept_One is that it can reach 100 km/h or 62 mph in just 2.8 seconds while topping out at 305 km/h or 190 mph. This all comes from the acclaimed 1088 horsepower and 3800 Nm of torque!

According to Rimac, the 92 kWh battery will allow customers to driving up to 600 kilometers or 373 miles. A very important aspect if you plan on going electric. Finally, the full carbon fiber body was designed by Adriano Mudri, while the interior was put together by a team of Pininfarina employees with Bulgarian customization company Vilner helping out. Check out all the pictures and videos of the electric Rimac Concept_One below!

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