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Cadillac Ciel is a Fancy Concept


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With the confirmation of the three new Cadillac’s entering the production line, they have decided to impress the masses with this Cadillac Ciel concept car. Hard to say if this will go into production in the next couple years, mainly because Cadillac has released concepts like this in the past with no follow up. They do however have the new large XTS luxury saloon, the ATS compact to rival the BMW 3-Series, and the all new ELR Coupe plug-in hybrid EV for the green crowd.

 Now, more about this Cadillac Ciel concept, which is named after the French word sky, and features suicide doors to go along with the convertible top and missing B-pillar that is similar to the 1961 Lincoln Continental convertible. It was developed at the General Motors North Hollywood Design Center where Niki Smart was the lead exterior designer, and Gael Buzyn covered the interior design.

It comes powered by a direct injected 3.6-liter V6 and electric motor using a lithium-ion battery. This combination produces 425 horsepower and 583 newton meters of torque for the Cadillac Ciel, giving it plenty of power to match the stunning looks. With many people questioning the production, Clay Dean’s answer to all the questions was summed up when he told Autonews, “We wouldn’t be showing it if we didn’t have any intentions of doing anything with it.”

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