We received our first live look at the all new Cadillac Ciel concept at the 2011 LA Auto Show. A few months ago we posted an article with full details about the intial debut of the fancy Cadillac Ciel concept, however seeing it in person is a different story. Named after the French word “sky” this car is smooth as butter from the suicide doors to the missing B-pillar that is similar to the 1961 Lincoln Continental convertible.

Cadillac has been busy lately with three new models entering the production line. It will be difficult to say this Cadillac Ciel will be on that production line soon. We can only hope and wait, while the Cadillac ELR hybrid coupe soaks up all the extra attention it deserves. Stay tuned for more Cadillac Ciel news, and be sure to check out more of the great cars found at the 2011 LA Auto Show.

Cadillac Ciel Concept Pictures

Cadillac Ciel Concept Video