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Seat Ibiza and the future of spanish cars


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Geneva Motor Show is almost over and there were a lot of car concepts revealed. One of those beautiful cars is this Seat concept created by Bocanegra. It seems that the new generation of Seat Ibiza will look like this car and it seems that the new Ibiza is going to be very interesting. The car will be available with 3 and 5 doors and it will probably be less agressive than this concept from Bocanegra.

Of course, they’ll probably produce more powerful versions of the new Ibiza but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.  Seat has a lot of interesting concepts and the future of spanish cars looks really bright. There are some rumours that the new Seat Ibiza will be revealed at the Auto Show from Madrid in may so if you’re planning to visit Spain there’s an event that you must see. Since i’m thinking at all details and you will need a car to move around, here’s a great company that could help you with: car hire spain, car hire alicante or car hire madrid.

Until then, i’ve got a couple of pictures with the Seat Concept made by Bocanegra. I have to say that the element that i like the most is the car’s headlight model but there are other things interesting at this car.

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