An interesting design concept has been sent to us from MR Khosravi Design called the Dragon Gullwing and based on the Mercedes SLS AMG. While we’re curious to hear the reaction from the car tuning enthusiasts, this is definitely the most unique take on the Mercedes SLS that we’ve seen to date. On the exterior you will notice new doors that when closed will extend to the rear of the car. Dragon heads shooting out the front appear to hold the headlights, while the new wheel spokes resemble a dragon claw. The inside has a crazy custom feel that looks almost too futuristic to be true.

A completely touchscreen display is planned to be installed in the dash. While they hope the Dragon car can abandon the steering wheel with new Mercedes technology, these are just concepts for now. This may be in the works for the next five years, so we can’t bash the idea yet. However, I can’t say I’d buy this car, but there sure are some strange people out there with too much money than they know what to do with. The Dragon Gullwing will certainly appeal to those in that category, and people who collect cars for future values.

Dragon Gullwing Pictures

[Source: M.R.Khosravi Design]