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For those who spent a ton of money on the Aston Martin Cygnet, which is basically a Toyota iQ twin, we have some aftermarket parts from Project Kahn. Don’t feel too bad if you spent two to three times more for basically the same car as the iQ, because the Kahn tuners are now focusing their attention on the small hybrid. Sure, the Aston Martin Cygnet has the cool front grille, luxurious interior and name brand that the Toyota iQ doesn’t, but in the end it still looks like a Smart car. Now if you’re still intersted, turn to Project Kahn to see what accessories they offer.

First off, a new set of the wheels fit the Cygnet nicely, measuring to be 17-inches up front, and 18-inches at the rear. New brake calipers finished in any color the customer prefers will give it an extra custom look. A new set of rims and tires are no good without a lowering module for the suspension, so Project Kahn hooked it up with just that. It gives the Aston Martin Cygnet a more aggressive stance while improving the handling at the same time.

While Project Kahn did not provide the interior photos, Afzal Kahn sticks to his message that customers “can have whatever they want.” This lets the imagination of the owner and their dreams to come true. The tuners also released a new timepiece with this announcement, calling it the Kahn GMT Pure watch. Most likely, if you purchased a Aston Martin Cygnet or the new watch, you also have other cars that could use tuning from Project Kahn, so check them out.

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