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The German-based tuners at RENM Performance have announced their plans for the Lamborgini Aventador LP700-4 Limited Edition Corsa supercar. This LE-C program from RENM gives the car track capabilities, yet still allows it to be driven on the street. The tuners claim that this package will reduce the weight to give it improved handling, balance, and traction. Lightweight carbon fiber body panels and a new adjustable rear wing revise the aerodynamics.

The aftermarket tuning parts used in the build will consist of a titanium exhaust system, new air intake, and an ECU re-calibration. This should give the Lamborghini Aventador a 7 to 10 percent power increase, while the new suspension and chassis improvements bring it together. The supercar will sit lower with a suspension kit, ride on exclusive LE-C forged wheels wrapped in high performance tires, and carry modified brakes for superior stopping power.

Inside, RENM also hooks it up with alcantara for the seats, carbon fiber trim throughout, a new steering wheel, and racing seats with belts are available as well. This limited edition RENM Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 LE-C will be custom built for specific markets by the notorious Lamborghini race engineers and technicians.

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