Hamann definitely knows how to refine luxury cars and each car modified by them is almost perfect. Aston Martin Vantage is another luxury car they wanted to improve and they made a tuning kit with lovely sport accessories and thrilling body design. The new body kit is really stylish and it’s made from fibre glass or matt carbon with perfect aerodynamics. Customers could choose for the front side of the car between a front spoiler lip or even an entire front skirt. On the car’s sides, the guys from Hamann attached striking side skirts that gives a lower and more stretched look to this Aston Martin. For the rear side of the car, they made a special spoiler which can be enhanced with a three-part rear diffuser.

Hamann Motorsport designed special light alloy wheels for this car named Edition Race which combine elegance and sportiness. They also installed new springs which lower the V8 Vantage with 20 to 30 mm and improves the car’s handling and stability. Since this ride is really fast they wanted to make it sound like a race car and developed sport catalysers and sport end mufflers made from stainless steel which render an impressive sound.

The car’s interior was slightly modified because Aston Martin made it really comfortable and luxurious. Hamann only installed a new pedal set made from aluminium and customers could also demand exclusive modifications like complete leather equipment or hi-tech multimedia.