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Mansory is a tuning company that is dedicated to perfection. They don’t sell complete automobiles but they offer their own developed tuning accessories. Mansory only deals with super brittish cars like Aston Martin, Bentley and Rolls Royce and each time they’ve tuned a car like this, the result was thrilling. Their new project is an Aston Martin DB 9, one of the prettiest sport cars nowadays. They’ve installed a new front spoiler and the car has a more aggressive look and new brake system from Brembo to ensure maximum handling for this speedy car. To create an aerodynamic shape for the car, they’ve installed deep side skirts, carbon flanks with air intakes behind and a trunk lead spoiler that makes the car cut the air. There are also a lot of crom details that make the car shine anytime you watch it and the new aluminum light weight high performance wheels give the car a new, sportier look and improves the car’s handling a lot. Since the exterior is really great, the interior should match it and the guys from Mansory done a great job here too. With maple wood insertions, carbon fiber elements, seats covered with sporty leather in any color combination you want and a 3 part set of aluminum pedals and brake handle makes this car one of the most luxurious and nicest sport car.

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  2. damet garm mansory,hal kardam khodayish,faghat 1name ertefasho biar payin,albate age police bozorgah bebine mikhabone mashineto.ya ali

  3. god can somebody please poke this guy’s eyes out.
    this person should not be tuning cars.
    such a waste of beautiful cars turned into plastic orange waste bins.

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