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The car tuning company Elite brings us the Aston Martin LMV/R (Le Mans Vantage Racer) which will be limited to only 30 cars. This is a real racecar on the street, and a very unique vehicle based off  the Aston Martin Vantage. Elite was able to lighten the car by replacing the factory body panels with carbon fiber, and they made it more powerful as well. For the exterior they went with a carbon fiber new front bumper, carbon canards, carbon front splitter, wider fenders, side skirts, wider rear corner panels, new rear bumper, carbon diffuser, and carbon fiber wing. Elite chose larger 20 inch matte black wheels to fit the wide body kit Aston Martin LMV/R, then lowered the car with new springs, and installed a big brake kit to handle the performance increases.

For better performance numbers Elite performed an ECU tuning upgrade with a carbon fiber engine bay kit, and installed several aftermarket parts. Replacing the stock exhaust pieces are new sport headers, sport cat-backs, and a new muffler with dual tips. The interior received minor upgrades such as Alcantara leather, carbon fiber panels kit, and what every customer would like, a serial numbered plaque since only 30 of these cars will be produced.

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