Mansory does some incredible work, and with this Aston Martin DB9 they transformed it completely with a ridiculous amount of carbon fiber dubbed the Cyrus. There’s no doubt the idea came from their previous work and accomplishments on the Bugatti Veyron Vincero and Bugatti Veyron Linea Vincero models. Their work is amazing and one of the most stunning Aston Martin DB9 models we have ever seen. The car was recently released at the Frankfurt Auto Show and received the attention it deserves. It was completely re-done with all carbon fiber for every piece of the body. Except the rear fenders which couldn’t shape the carbon fiber accordingly, Mansory glued on carbon fiber panels that are two inches wider with adhesive exclusively from Lamborghini.

Along with the mind-blowing body work, Mansory also added 28 hp to the Aston Martin DB9 with some simple engine and ECU tuning. Adding to the exterior customizations are 20 inch alloy wheels in the front, and 21 inch alloys in the rear.  The interior received extra aluminum and carbon fiber pieces with the Cyrus title stitched into the headrests. You know that all this carbon fiber will not come cheap, and Mansory has priced the Aston Martin DB9 at 380,000 euro! From the factory the stock Aston Martin V12 goes for 124,000 euro.

[Source: autoblog]