Peugeot, Porsche or Toyota?

Now, this car is a really strange mixture between Porsche, Toyota and Peugeot but i think the “merge” was done pretty smooth and the result is definitely something unique. I don’t know the name for it, but you could post one here. The base car was a Porsche 928 s4 and the tuners wanted to transform it into a Peugeot combination from Peugeot 406 and 407. You’ll say: “Yeah, I’ve seen other cars transformed from one to the other” but this one has something different. This car also has Toyota elements. The front bumper from a Toyota Avensis has became the rear bumper for this Porsche/Peugeot.

Since exterior was highly modified and you can’t really tell the difference and include this car to a certain car producer, the tuners also modified the car’s original engine, from Peugeot. Now the V8 engine can develop 320 HP and with those wide 18″ rims the car has better handling and a lot more speed.

Check the comments for additional information! Thanks Walther!