The tuning company from Ohio called Switzer Performance has created a perfect performance kit for the Porsche Panamera. They didn’t add a whole bunch of body modifications, and instead decided to tune the Porsche where it would have the greatest effect. Under the hood you will find a direct-injected V8 with twin turbos and the Switzer P680 hardware.  Two new turbos give the Porsche Panamera a better boost response with their billet compressor wheels, while the cooling system have been improved with a new intercooler.

The heart of this Porsche Panamera P680 package is the Switzer Siemens ECU tuning upgrade. After the final tune, the Porsche now delivers 680 horsepower on premium gas and an additional 200 ft-lbs of torque to the wheels. Track numbers are just as impressive, with a sprint time of mid three seconds for the 0 to 60 mph, low eights to reach 130 mph, and an overall top speed of 215 mph. The starting price for these improvements is pretty reasonable at $22,000. We’d like to call this Porsche Panamera the KISS kit, because they did Keep It Simple Stupid, and it turned out great!