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Mansory Porsche Cayenne 955


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Porsche Cayenne owners will be happy to know that the Swiss tuner Mansory released a new styling package for their precious SUV. The Mansory Porsche Cayenne 955 has a striking design with a dynamic front apron that has large air inlets, an ultra light bonnet which was additionally strengthened with carbon and wider wings which give this Cayenne an individual character. Mansory broadened by 40 mm the car with additional side skirts and the rear part of their car has a new rear apron with an integrated diffuser and enough space for the end pipes of the custom sport exhaust system. The car was equipped with 5-spoke forged mono block wheels with reduced mass which improves the car’s handling, acceleration and braking distance. These wheels are underlined by the special chassis springs and come in sizes of 10×22″ or 11×23″.

Mansory made a special sport module that could adjust the car’s air suspension and this Cayenne could be lowered with up to 45 mm. Since the car’s exterior looks great, the car tuner had to improve the interior and they used the most precious materials to make it looks more luxurious. Aluminium pedals and carbon fiber elements render motor sports feeling and customers could request anything to make that would make them feel better: from floor mats to full leather interior.

[Source: Mansory]

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