Fox Marketing has announced their plans to tune the Nissan Juke crossover which has become popular among tuning companies this past year. Even Nissan has announced a Super Juke-R version they are currently working on that will carry the same twin turbo V6 engine and all-wheel-drive platform as the Nissan GTR super car. While Fox Marketing waits out the arrival of the Nissan Juke-R they plan to customize the original 1.6-liter engine with a large turbo kit to increase the power up to 400 HP.

After the performance tuning, Fox Marketing will add a new brake kit with 6-piston calipers underneath the new 20-inch alloy wheels. An aero package will consists of more aggressive body parts, while the interior of the Nissan Juke will receive Yonaka Ronin racing seats. Stay tuned for more Nissan Juke tuning projects in the future and check out the testing video Nissan released a couple weeks ago.

Nissan Juke-R Teaser Pic

Nissan Juke-R Video