We never saw this one coming, but with all the positive results of the Nissan Juke sales, Nissan has announced plans of a Super Juke. It is rumored to hold a 480 horsepower engine, which would most likely be the same 3.8-liter twin turbo V6 found in the Nissan GTR. If so, this slightly de-tuned Super Juke will still blow the tops off of any regular Nissan Juke tuning projects. Just check out the official sketch that hit the web this past week, showing a Nissan Juke sporting a new wide body kit, Nissan GT-R style alloy wheels, hood vents similar to the GT-R, and a rear wing.

This was a Jalopnik exclusive announcement, and the Nissan spokesperson Gabi Whitfield said, “I can confirm there is a project driven by Nissan Europe to create a Super Juke.” Now lets just wait and see if the original renderings of the Nissan Juke tuning will compare with the actual factory model released by Nissan.

[Source: jalopnik]