Here we have an extreme tuning enthusiast who took his Nissan GT-R and wrapped it matte white at first, then decided to wrap it in chrome! It’s a little ridiculous in my opinion and definitely flashy, but the matte white looks good with the black wheels. It’s amazing what some people will pay to customize their car, the matte white car wrap alone costs $2,640. The chrome was even more expensive and took almost two weeks to complete the Nissan GT-R. The guy who wrapped his in chrome has a friend who also wrapped his GT-R in the common matte black which always looks good.

Both of the Nissan’s had their wheels painted, the matte black GT-R had the calipers painted white and the license plate positioned on the right side of the front bumper. The chrome Nissan GT-R has a few performance parts installed, including a Milltek Y Pipe, HKS catback exhaust, and HKS dump pipes. Matte black for the win here, but it will be interesting to see what’s next on the market of car wraps.

[Source: via carsroute]