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Switzer 900hp Ethanol Nissan GT-R P900


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The Ohio based tuning company Switzer Performance has topped their previous records with the Nissan GT-R P900. This modified Nissan GT-R now produces 900hp with an all new transmission to handle the power. Switzer previously released the Nissan GT-R P700 package that boasted around 800 horses, with 700 crank horsepower, but that wasn’t enough. Tim Switzer started off by making this custom Nissan run on E85 ethanol, but to handle these numbers, a new transmission was needed. Transmission failure was the biggest concern of this project, so the tuners hired Dodson Motorsports in New Zealand to develop the stronger transmission. After several months of development between Switzer and Dodson, they received a product that would allow them to push more than 800hp.

The new trans allowed for more clutch area, smoother shifting, and the ability to handle almost 1000 hp. Besides the new bioethanol and tranny improvements, the Nissan GT-R Godzilla sports an Amuse carbon fiber aero kit, three-way adjustable suspension, and 20-inch BBS wheels. The new rims are an inch wider than the stock pieces, and give a nice aftermarket look to the car. The complete high performance 900 hp ethanol powered Nissan GT-R kit is available through Switzer Performance.

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