A quick update here from Switzer tuning, the Nissan GT-R R1KXRed Katana” has just ran its best quarter mile in 8.97 seconds at 163 miles per hour. They tested the car at Norwalk, Ohio’s Summit Motorsports Park and this is an unbelievable record for a car that can still be a daily driver. Switzer has proved that the godzilla Nissan GTR is one of the most impressive vehicles of the 21st century.

The Red Katana R1KX GTR is rated at 1,500+ horsepower, yet still received a decked out interior with leather, Alcantara and carbon fiber throughout. Now imagine what the sports car could accomplish if it was striped down to the bar essentials. It could possibly beat the track-ready Chevrolet COPO Camaro that ran a 8.88 about a week ago.

The main difference between that Camaro and this Nissan GT-R is that the Camaro was using racing slicks and had a drag racing hood for all the modifications it needed. What’s even more astounding is the fact the R1KX Nissan GT-R Red Katana weighs an additional 300 pounds compared to stock from all the aftermarket accessories.

Switzer R1KX Nissan GT-R Red Katana Video

Chevrolet COPO Camaro Video

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