Recently from Edo Competition is their latest car tuning news, about the work on the two seater Ferrari California Spider. The Ferrari California Spider is a mix between the Ferrari 599 GTB, 612 Scaglietti, and the 430. It was introduced at the Paris Motor Show last October, but is now available, and its retractable aluminum top is impressive.  The Ferrari California Spider sits on a variety of wheels offered by Edo Competition, and they measure either 20 or 21 inches. Customers can also choose between having the vehicle lowered, or the addition of a sport suspension system that optimizes the ride for either daily driving or track use.

For performance, Edo Competition reprogrammed the ECU to increase the numbers to 500 hp and 369 ft lbs of torque at 5,200 rpms. Along with the ECU tuning, a high performance exhaust system is setup with high flow catalytic converters. These upgrades allow it to reach a maximum speed of 196 mph, and run a 0-62 mph track time of 3.9 seconds. The Ferrari California Spider has been extensively modified, and with the torque increases it is suited to be a daily driver.

[Source: 4wheelsnews]