Check out this Ferrari F430 replica kit that has been built on a Toyota Celica. When planning to build a replica, the first car the comes to mind is the Pontiac Fiero to use as the donor car. Simply because it was a mid-engine sports car that has a similar wheel base as some of the exotics today. However, occasionally you will find tuners finding new ways to construct the car of their dreams, like this Toyota Celica Ferrari F430 kit.

The seller of this “Ferrari” stated that it was built on a 2000 Toyota Celica GT, which means under the hood is the stock 1.8-liter 4-cylinder delivering 140 horses. Not exactly what you expect out of a Ferrari F430, however it will surely trick people on the streets. You can buy this Ferrari F430 based on a Toyota Celica with 179,000 kilometers or 111,000 miles for CA $36,000, or about US $35,000 on eBay this weekend.

Ferrari F430 Replica Pictures