Japanese car tuning firm ASI has taken on another expensive project with the Ferrari 458 Italia, and have released their initial design renderings. Some of the previous high end cars they have modified include the Ferrari F430 and the Bentley Continental Flying Spur. Their company CEO Satoshi Kondo announced that his team of engineers have begun working on the new Ferrari 458 Italia, starting with a new aero kit. Kondo has allowed these sketches of the Ferrari to be released to the public to protect the final prototype, and prevent any accusations of design theft. A completely redesigned front end is first on the list, with a new front bumper consisting of large hexagonal air intakes for cooling.

The larger air vents in the front bumper lead to extra vents in front of the blacked out wheels (the first picture), along with a new wing mounted in the rear. Judging from the work on the Ferrari F430, don’t expect much engine tuning for this Ferrari 458 Italia. ASI primarily focuses on reducing the weight of their vehicles by replacing stock body parts with lighter and more durable pieces made of carbon fiber. For example the F430 they previously tuned received no engine customizations, however ASI was able to reduce its weight by 27 kg last June. Satoshi even announced that ASI is working on a new look for the Mercedes McLaren. Now these are only renderings of the Ferrari 458, so check back for the full release once the car is completed.

[Source: ASI]