Chevy car tuning professionals, Chris Fessler and Jon Moss bring us the 2010 Fessler-Moss Chevrolet Camaro Limited Edition available in three different packages. The first package called the Camaro Enhancement Package includes several aftermarket modifications and is priced at $55,000 with the car included, or $15,000 without. Parts in the kit are an adjustable suspension, 22 inch Fessler wheels, performance tires, cold air intake, remote start system, deep cycle battery, and billet carbon fiber or black light taillights. Performance enhancements are also available and include an engine swap (LS7 or LS9), supercharger, exhaust system, dynotune, and brake upgrades. The second package from Fessler-Moss is the Camaro Competition Package, and it is priced at $90,000 with the car, and $50,000 without. It includes all the features of the first package, along with a carbon fiber body kit, supercharged V8, interior audio upgrades, 6-piston Pro plus Fessler brake system, and carbon fiber interior pieces.

The third and final package includes all the goodies and receives the Fessler-Moss 2010 Camaro Limited Edition title, costing $150,000 with the car included, or $110,000 without. Accessories include the first and second package, with the addition of a GM LS-9 supercharged engine and polished supercharger. Exclusively for this package is the custom color paint scheme with racing stripes, corvette style door handles, a 2-day training course at Bondurant, and the car will be personally signed by Chris Fessler and Jon Moss.