Here is the 2011 MOTION Chevy Camaro Phase III that was on display at the Super Chevy Show in Palm Beach, Florida. It was held at the Florida International Raceway last weekend, and this car packs a real punch with a GM LS7 427 aluminum block engine holding a 2.8-liter Twin-Screw Supercharger producing 800 horsepower. The Camaro creation comes from the partnership of tuners Joel Rosen and Howard Tanner of Redline Motorsports. Rosen created the Baldwin-Motion 427 and 454 Camaros, while saying, “Back in the day we built record-setting 500-horsepower big-block Camaros and backed them up with warranties. My new 427-SC delivers 300 more horsepower…And, it has a one-year, 12,000-mile warranty.”

These new series of Camaros built by these tuning enthusiasts will be sold exclusively by DeNooyer Chevrolet in Albany, New York. It will definitely be a limited production model, and the 2011 MOTION Phase III 427-SC will be priced at $150,000.

[Source: worldcarfans]