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Specter Werkes, a Corvette tuning company from Troy, MI have released pictures of their Corvette C6 GTR that is set to reveal at the SEMA show next week. Under the hood is the Corvette LS7 V8 engine with a twin-turbo setup courtesy of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering. After the tuning was completed, the performance numbers show an incredible 800 hp with looks that can kill.  The exterior received BASF pearl blue paint, HRE CF40 carbon fiber wheels, and Specter Werkes custom body kit package for the Corvette C6 GTR. I think the paint looks great, and the body work along with the black wheels to contrast the blue worked out very well for Specter Werkes.

To slow down the 800 horsepower Chevy Corvette they installed StopTech brakes along with a Corsa exhaust system for premium sound. This car should be displayed outside the Las Vegas convention center in the few days so more pictures may become available. Inside the vehicle are Spinneybeck hand-tipped leather interior accents, and several carbon fiber accents. For more info on this particular model you can find the details at SpecterGTR.

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