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A group of five Volkswagen car tuners came together to build this VW Golf GTI Street and released the news at the Austrian Worthersee GTI conference.  They are all between the ages of 19-22 and this was their latest car study, naming it the Golf GTI Street. This build emphasizes the potential that the Volkswagen Golf GTI presents, and they did a number of mechanical and styling improvements. For performance, the four cylinder 2.0-liter turbocharged engine was tuned yielding 301 hp from the factory 210 hp with its six speed manual. Handling improvements were done as well by tweaking the suspension that has a hydraulic height adjustment element installed.

BBS alloy wheels were fitted on all fours and wrapped in Pirelli 225/35 R19 tires. Underneath the rims are the larger Golf R32 brakes to provide extra braking power for the beefed up power plant. In addition to the performance modifications, the Volkswagen Golf GTI Street was painted a two tone white and black color scheme with rally racing stripes down the hood, roof, and rear. A new front bumper was installed along with a rear spoiler, tinted windows, and two pipe aftermarket exhaust system.

[Source: 4wheelsnews]

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  1. The tuners of this VW Golf are great! They actually turned this car into an interesting car. The design is great and by the looks of the new specifications, this is a cool car.

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