ABT Sportsline released their AS5 Audi A5 Cabrio model recently and they gave it an elegant look with some unique features. Their general manager, Hans-Juergen Abt demanded the build to be creative and capture the true character of the car so they did just that. A new ABT front grill was installed along with a new front bumper and side skirts. A custom rear bumper was fitted to accommodate the four pipe exhaust system and to round out the exterior looks, BR alloy wheels are added which come available in either 19 or 20 inches. However, ABT didn’t stop there with the AS5 Audi A5 Cabrio, and to make it more of a sports car, performance modifications were done.

There are four performance packages that ABT offers and the most popular for horsepower gains is the ABT POWER. By tuning the ECU, the 2.0 TSFI engines horsepower was increased from the stock 180 to 275 hp. The ABT POWER S is the second package that adds a turbocharger to the V6 diesel engine giving it 310 hp. The other two packages are to slow down the vehicle and they include the ABT braking unit or sports braking unit  that beef up the brakes to stop the AS5 Audi A5 Cabrio. These cars are a blast to drive with their excellent handling, and on a sunny day it’s also nice to drop the top down.

[Source: Press Release]