The gear heads over at CoverEFX decided to take good and make it better with their recently released and upgraded version of the Volkswagen Touareg W12. Along the way upgrading both the style and performance in a way that only CoverEFX can. This being one installment of VW tuning we’ve been graced with from CoverEFX, they have showed us their skills with this tuned Touareg. The VW Touareg W12 Sport Edition SUV was styled with an aerodynamics package including roof spoiler, front and rear bumpers, and side skirts. The exterior sports new 20-inch Kahn RS light alloy wheels along with lowering the suspension.

Under the hood the Touareg tuning experts at CoverEFX replaced the ECU, installed custom air filters, and also a high grade steel exhaust silencer from Cargraphic. With all this, the VW Touareg managed a power output of 500 HP. Going one step further, the tuners removed the speed limiter, but have not released the performance figures for the tuned Touareg. Be ready to hand over 140,500 euros for these modifications, which includes the price of the new car.

[Source: CoverEFX]